The Great Crate

Completed by PLUS 1 for the City of Sydney’s Art and About 2012.






About mac-interactive

Based in Sydney, Australia, Mac-Interactive Architects is an established architectural practice with a strong but understated belief in the fundamental concerns of architecture, nervous of manifestos, utopias and visions. Perception, participation, 1st principles and process are what interests us the most. These tenets could be summed up by the word SYNECTICS, which has been central to director Andy Macdonald's beliefs for some time now. Previous incarnations that reflect this, include collaborative ventures such as multi-disciplinary design group in Amsterdam called Elastic Skeleton. Every project/exploration we conceive is based on these tenets rather then being style-based or derivative. That is not to say that everything we do is 100% original, as we believe that not only is this not possible - it is not something to be strived for as there are many lessons to be learnt from others. Mac-Interactive Architects work so far, has been a mix of residential and commercial, and the practice draws on experience gained whilst working for larger practices, in fields such as leisure, large scale commercial, and civic projects, including master-planning, urban design and government offices. These projects have ranged in value from AU$10million to AU$280million.
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